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Geertruidenberg, free pedal (2005)

Construction history: The organ in Geertruidenberg has been made in 1861, by the organ maker Vollebregt. Vollebregt has made the instrument in a acoustics which was completly differently then the current. Of the church building only the ship to the celebration was in use, the other part had been put out of use by partitions of the walls. At the last church restoration all this has been brought back, as a result of which the church has become much larger. To adapt the consonance to the current space, a free pedal with 5 registers has been placed in a separate fund behind the instrument.


Prestant8 vt.Subbas16 vt.
Bourdon16 vt.Octaaf bas8 vt.
Holpijp8 vt.Wijd gedekt8 vt.
Salicionaal8 vt.Octaaf4 st.
Octaaf4 vt.Trompet8 vt.
Gedekte Fluit4 vt.
Quint3 vt.
Nachthoorn2 vt.
Cornet4 st. discant
Trompet8 vt. bas/discant
Clavier omvang C-f’’’Pedaal omvang C-c’Toonhoogte a’ 428 Hz. bij 17.5 gradenStemming Valottie 1/6 komma


Foto J.C. van Rossum
Photo J.C. van Rossum