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Amersfoort, restoration cabinet organ (2006)

Suspected construction history:
Second half 18e century: construction cabinet organ, suspected J.E. Hageman.
1871: alteration of the case kas with new inside, old material used, suspected Herman Knipscheer Amsterdam
1921: alteration intonation and renewing of the bellow, Bik Amsterdam.
1971/1974: placing elektric pedal, cleaning, placing voice slides, placing new wooden stops, intonation and voicing, Elbertse & Zn. Soest
2006: complete restoration, Hans van Rossum and employees.


Prestant8 vt.B/D
Holpijp8 vt.B/D
Salicionaal8 vt.D
Prestant4 vt.B/D
Fluit4 stB/D
Quint3 vtB/D
Octaaf2 vtB/D
Terts1 3/5vt.D
Voxhumana8 vt.B/D
Foto J.C. van Rossum
Photo J.C. van Rossum