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Restoration and major maintenance organ Linschoten (2012)

1828: Front made by Abraham Meere for a existing organ.
1842: Alterations of the disposition by Stulting & Maarschalkerweerd.
1860: Work by D. van Rossum.
1910: Full conversion with pneumatics by A.M.T. Van Ingen.
1928: New construction with the use of existing parts of the closet and front pipes by J.C. Sanders.
1971: New construction with retention of the front and front pipes including the closet of Sanders by K.B. Blank & Zn.
2012: Restoration and alteration of the disposition by J.C. Van Rossum and employees.


Manuaal 1Manuaal 2Pedaal
Prestant8 vt.Holpijp8 vt.Subbas16 vt.
Roerfluit8 vt.Roerfluit4 vt.
Octaaf4 vt.Octaaf2 vt.
Gemshoorn2 vt.Sesqualter2 st. dic.
Mixtuur4-5 st.Trompet8 vt.
Klavieromvang C-g´´´Pedaalomvang C-f´Groot octaaf fluiten 8 vt gecombineerd
ManuaalkoppelingPedaalkoppeling man. 1Pedaalkoppeling man. 2
Winddruk 72 mm/wkToonhoogte a´ 440 HzStemming Valloti
Adviseur Cees van der Poel
Foto J.C. van Rossum
Photo J.C. van Rossum