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Restoration of the Pieter Assendelft organ De Cocksdorp (2013)

1761: New for the clandestine church De Kaag (near Opdam) by Pieter Assendelft.
1803: Moved from the Kaager Church to the St. Victor church at Opdam by Organ maker Johan Michael Gerstenhouwer in collaboration with Cornelis Kloet and Willem Veerkamp (carpenters).
1853: Moved within the st. Victor Chuch in order to create more seats, by Dirk Sjoerds Ypma.
1893: Moved to De Cocksdorp by Lodewijk Ypma.
1947: Recovery war damage by Vermeulen from Alkmaar.
1965: Restoration by Vermeulen.
2013: Restoration reconstruction by J.C. van Rossum and collaborators. Paint work by Firm G. De Jongh.


Prestant4 vt.front 2013binnenpijpwerk 1761
Prestant8 vt. discantfront 20138 vt.binnenpijpwerk 1761
Holpijp8 vt.1761
Fluit4 vt.1761
Octaaf4 vt.1761
Mixtuur2/3 st. bas/discant2013
Klavieromvang C-g´´´Bas/discant deling op c´-cis´
Winddruk 54 mm/wkToonhoogte a´ 415 Hz bij 18 gradenStemming Kirnberger 3
Adviseur: Dr. A. A. M. J. van EckIn opdracht van RCE: Drs. W. J. C. Diepenhors
Foto J.C. van Rossum
Photo J.C. van Rossum