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Restoration cabinet organ Maastricht (2013)

As far as known now, the instrument was made in the second half of the 18th century, probably just before 1790 (keyboard size C – f´´´). The Peuvenement donated it in 1982. It is almost certainly made by organ maker Johannes Pieter Künckel (1750-1815) and was located at Rotterdam. Since his wife came from Gouda, it could be possible that Künckel worked with organ maker H. H. Hess before he settled in Rotterdam. Based on research of the pipes (inscriptions), the furniture and the way the instrument was built into the furniture, points out that this organ can be attributed to Künckel. Even after research it is not entirely sure if the disposition always was as large as it is now.

2012: Restoration and alteration of the disposition by J.C. Van Rossum and employees.


Holpyp8 vt.Holpyp8 vt.
Praest4 vt.Praest4 vt.
Fluyt4 vt.Fluyt4 vt.
Octaav2 vt.Octaav2 vt.
Mixtur3 sterkMixtur3 sterk
Sup Oct.1 vt.Cornet3 sterk
Sup Oct.1 vt. discantPraest8 vt. discant
Klavieromvang C-f´´´Winddruk 54 mm/wkToonhoogte a´ 428 bij 17.5 graden HzStemming Valloti 1/6 komma
Adviseur: Drs. R.G.J.B. SyrierIn opdracht van RCE: R. van StratenKas-restoratie Ron Schouten
Foto J.C. van Rossum
Photo J.C. van Rossum