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Organ and harpsichord projects (1989 – 1995)

1995Mulheim a/d Ruhr Ev. Kirchen Dumpten Italian harpsichord>>
1995Zutphen Doopsgezinde Kerk new wind providing, genaral restoration, altering disposition and revoicing
1995Mulheim a/d Ruhr Wohnstift Uhlenhorst placing of small positief, new wind providing and revoicing
1994Utrecht Herv. Oranje Kapel large maintenance, alteration disposition and revoicing
1994Neunen (private) reconstruction and restoration of house organ (Indermauer)>>
1994Dordrecht (private) restoration of house organ (Indermauer)>>
1994Zutphen Chr. Geref. Kerk large maintenance, alteration disposition and revoicing
1994Maastricht (private) Italian harpsichord
1993Maastricht (particulier) Italiaans clavecimbel>>
1993Heusden Lutherse Kerk restoration of Vollebregt organ>>
1993Groningen (private) Italian harpsichord>>
1993Ratingen Ev. Kirchen Ratingen west large maintenance, alteration disposition and revoicing
1992Mulheim a/d Ruhr Wohnstift Raad placing, revoicing
1992Middelburg Geref. Hofpleinkerk restore waterdamage, replenishment reserved registers and revoicing.>>
1992Breda (private) Italian harpsichord>>
1992Mulheim a/d Ruhr (Dumpten) Evangelische Kirchen large maintenance, alteration disposition and revoicing>>
1992Terheijden (private) reconstruction and restoration of an house organ relocated to 's-Gravenmoer>>
1991Wilp Herv. Kerk. Restore and alteration disposition, revoicing
1991Almkerk Herv. Kerk (Almzaal). Revoicing Van Dam organ
1990Mulheim a/d Ruhr Haus Scharpenberg. Large maintenance, revoicing
1990Warnsveld (private) Italian harpsichord>>
1990Terheiden (private) Italian harpsichord>>
1989Eindhoven (private) Italian harpsichord>>
1989Andel (private) restoration Hess bureau organ>>