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Curriculum vitae

J.C. Van Rossum, harpsichord and organ builder J.C. (Hans) van Rossum, born in 1949, was fascinated by organs at an early age, not least thanks to his father’s influence as a church organist. In 1966 Hans van Rossum became apprenticed to the firm of K.B. Blank & Sons in Utrecht, where he studied the entire craft of organ building.

From 1967 onwards he concentrated mainly on voicing, though continuing to work in all other aspects of the craft. In 1969, under the inspired leadership of S.F. (Bas) Blank, the firm was one of the first in Holland to make the (then) almost revolutionary turn from neo-Baroque organ building to a more historical approach.

In organ building circles this initially met with considerable opposition, but at the same time there was support from advocates including the organists and consultants Klaas Bolt and Willem Talsma.

In 1990 he established a workshop in Andel as an independent harpsichord and organ builder and quickly gained an international reputation. In 2002 he started a new workshop at Wijk- en Aalburg. Beside organs (new instruments and restoration) and harpsichords his order book includes large-scale organ maintenance and revoicing. For his portfolio, see the Portfolio of J.C. van Rossum, on this site. Peter van Dijk

Woodcarving portrait Hans van Rossum

Houtsnede © Karin Merx
Woodcarving © Karin Merx